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Have you ever wondered what the Motion Learning Center is all about? If not, you might be surprised at just how helpful it is. Here's a quick tour of what you'll find.

At, click Motion Learning Center along the top of the homepage. You'll notice a dropdown menu containing Search Archives, Motion Component Zone, Design by Objective, News, and eNewsletter. Here's what these areas mean to you:

  • Search Archives — View the current issue of Motion System Design, with quick links to current articles and news. Scroll down for other 2007 issues. Use the Search button to go back to previous years.

  • Motion Component Zone — From bearings and belt and chain drives to design software and mechatronics, simply click on the topic bar to find a full library of information related to your area of interest.

  • Design by Objective — Is your main project goal to keep costs down? Maybe you need to maximize torque density? Visit here for tips, trends, and inspiration arranged by design intention.

  • News — Keeping up with breaking news and industry trends can be a real challenge. We make it easy by giving you the important headlines you need to keep your career in motion.

  • eNewsletter — Did you know that the editors of Motion System Design and Machine Design magazines work tirelessly to provide you with interesting news stories and analysis? We even send these little gems to your Inbox so you can read them at your leisure. With 13 eNewsletters to choose from, it's easy to sign up for one or all.

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