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Motor definitions and more


Minarik Corp. (a motion control/automation manufacturer and distributor) has redesigned their website to offer general and helpful information. From the glossary page at

Four quadrant: This term refers to a drive's ability to control the velocity and torque of a motor in either direction of rotation. The direction of torque can be in the opposite direction of the velocity for applications requiring braking or deceleration. Single-quadrant drives, on the other hand, only produce torque and velocity in the same direction of rotation.

Motion control site

AC Technology of Uxbridge, Mass. still hosts its site at However, the company has launched a new website at Why? Over the last couple years, the company has evolved from specializing in variable speed drives to providing a comprehensive range of motion control products and services.

Learn by example

Bimba Manufacturing of Monee, Ill. hosts a new Solutions Shop microsite at At the site, visitors can search by industry or application type and download printable PDFs of sample applications.

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