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We invite you to spend some time at Motion System Design's website. Read the latest industry news and find links to blogs and useful papers. You'll also find online-exclusive content — related to articles, Fun with Fundamentals winners and prizes, and more. Check it out.

More than just child's play

A toolkit at allows LabView users to create and download virtual instrumentation to operate and control Mindstorms NXT robotics platform.

Mindstorms NXT, by The LEGO Group, Billund, Denmark, features a drag-and-drop graphical programming environment by National Instruments, Austin. Though this robotics “toy” is designed for children as young as 10, the toolkit is geared towards advanced users, such as adults, students, and university educators.

Once users download a LabVIEW program to the NXT, they can use the toolkit to interact with the NXT robot while a program is running. The toolkit is compatible with LabVIEW versions 7.1, 8.0, and 8.20.

Interactive catalog

A catalog at has links to 3D CAD drawings of linear motion and positioning systems' components, such as linear slides and bearings, lead screws, shaft supports, precision rubber rollers, belts, pulleys, clutches, brakes, couplings, and joints. Products are searchable by name and include detailed data sheets in PDF format as well as downloadable CAD drawings.

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