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Free online access to information and 2D and 3D CAD files is now available for more than 17,000 parts at Here, the WAGO Corp. WAGO/PARTcommunity provides direct downloads of CAD drawings and pdf data sheets; it also permits selection of several part numbers prior to download. The user interface provides information in 12 languages. Once selected, file delivery and access are immediate. All saved parts are also stored for future reference.

Users register once; after that, login information is retained.

Newly updated sites

Full actuator library

Physik Instrumente PI offers a new white paper on piezoactuator lifetime and reliability describing the development and lifetime tests of ceramic-encapsulated actuators compared to polymer-coated piezoactuators. The paper can be downloaded at

PI does not require registration for download, and the company's pdf library is extensive.

Motor, coupling, and other CAD files

The CAD library of Machine Design is chock-full of motion-component CAD links.

Most of the files at can be downloaded without registration.

Sales channel

Industry veteran Bob Kish has launched Bayshore Engineering Sales LLC, a manufacturers' representative firm. Connect at

Join us on facebook

Motion System Design magazine is now on Facebook! Join our community at by clicking the Become a Fan link.

Joining does require Facebook registration.

Get a JUMP on spring selection

A new wave-spring calculator allows input of basic spring and application parameters and returns either a reference drawing for quotation or an error message if a spring is not feasible.

The calculator is from Rotor Clip Co. Inc. and can be accessed without registration at

With the tool, design engineers should know right away whether their design and application require adjustment, allowing them to fine tune nearly finished product with technical sales.

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