Machine Design

What a grip!

The BosScrew interlocks with plastic, has a 66% drive-to-strip ratio, and provides four times the holding power of conventional screws for plastics.

The screw features indentations, or pressure wells, along the upper face of the thread circumference. The screw uses creep to interlock the threads in the material. When clamp load is applied to the assembly, plastic creeps into the indentations creating resistance bumps with valleys in-between. The bumps prevent loosening when the compressed material relaxes. The BosScrew uses the traditional 48° form and standard head dimensions. The virtually vibrationproof joint eliminates the need for flat washers, reinforcing inserts, spring elements, or shoulder bolts. It eliminates the need for oversized heads and is removable and reusable.

ITW Shakeproof Industrial Products,
2550 S. 27th Ave., Broadview, IL 60155,
(708) 551-2966,

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