Machine Design

Wipers protect monorail guideways

A new line of wipers from Schneeberger, Bedford, Mass., protects monorail carriages and guideways from harsh environments. The easy-to-install ZCN/ZCV wipers are vulcanized onto an aluminum, U-shaped endplate for quick and easy replacement while the carriage is still on the guideway. Screwing a plate onto a carriage ensures uniform spacing between the wiper and rail surface and, in turn, optimum pressure on the sealing lips for the best wiper performance. ZCN wipers have nitrile-rubber sealing lips that resist most metalworking coolants and lubricants. The ZCV wipers, on the other hand, use Viton, a fluoroelastomer known for its strong resistance to extremely harsh coolants. The sealing lips are also reinforced to maintain the proper balance between flexibility and mechanical rigidity. They are available in sizes 25 to 65 and can be retrofitted onto any monorail carriage.

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