Machine Design

Wire Belting

C-Cure Edge open-mesh, stainless-steel wire belting is designed with closed-loop ends to eliminate tangling during shipping, storage, installation, and daily operation, as well as minimize risk of accidents from sharp or burred opened edges.

The C-Cure's patented design reduces individual strand stress on the belt's outer edge, diminishes conveyor damage caused by loop-end irregularities, and eliminates snags and tangles in hold-down applications in equipment such as conveyorized fryers. In the event of improper installation, the belt will continue to operate safely and not cause operator injury. The C-Cure belts are suitable for food applications such as breading, battering, enrobing, cooling, and frying as well as general industrial applications including heating, cooling, drying, and coating.

Wire Belt Company of America, 154 Harvey Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053, (603) 644-2500,

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