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Wireless Gateway Brings Ethernet To Remote Sites

The Digi Connect WAN GSM provides Ethernettowireless IP connections to remote sites and devices via a cellular GSM network.

This network gateway uses the Cingular high-speed GSM-based GPRS/EDGE network for backup network connections. It targets remote sites such as automated teller machines, self-service stations, remote industrial sites, power utilities, and industrial control systems that would be hard to hook into networks otherwise. When primary wired connections are unavailable, mission-critical data continues to flow through the wireless connection. Enterprise-class management software is also available to manage network devices and their connections wirelessly. In addition to standard cellular modem communications, it also offers local intelligence with features such as network routing, persistent connections, and firewall functions. Advanced features include TCP/UDP, DHCP support, NAT, port forwarding, GRE protocol tunneling, and access control lists.

Digi International,
11001 Bren Road E,
Minnetonka, MN 55343,
(877) 912-3444,

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