Machine Design

Workstation Graphics at an Entry-Level Price

The Pentium-based TD-20 and Pentium Pro-based TD-200 PCs are joined by other models from Intergraph Computer Systems, Huntsville, Ala., which contain single, dual, and the industry’s first quad Pentium Pro processor. When combined with the recently introduced Intense 3D graphics card, the TD-200 delivers professional 3D graphics (700k triangles/ sec) for a base price of $4,995.

The Pentium-based TD-20 and Pentium Pro TD-200 start at $1,495 and $2,595, respectively. They include 256 kbytes of secondary cache, up to 256 Mbytes of main memory, EIDE hard drives, an 8X CD-ROM (optional on the TD-20), and either Windows 95 or NT preloaded. The 200 also features seven PCI slots, six total drive bays, and runs Windows NT as a native application.

The TD-610 with its four 200-MHz Pentium Pros is designed to speed multithreaded applications. Standard features on the 610, as well as on 310 and 410 single and dual-Pentium Pro models, include up to 1 Gbyte of 256-bit interleaved ECC main memory, Ultra SCSI disk subsystem, integrated 10/100Base-TX Ethernet, and an 8X CD-ROM.

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