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Stratus Offering Predictive Fault Tolerant Computing Platforms for Sustainable Operations

Nov. 1, 2023
Next-gen ztC Endurance is designed to deliver 99.99999% availability, performance gains of 4th gen Intel Xeon scalable processors, and increased serviceability and manageability.

Stratus Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its Stratus ztC Endurance family of computing platforms, designed with intelligent, predictive fault tolerance and increased performance to deliver cutting-edge technology for mission-critical applications.

In today’s digital-first landscape, OT and IT teams require solutions that enhance operational efficiency, system security and business growth. According to a company press release, automation and serviceable technology are the top priorities for these teams, and industry research predicts a 28% growth in Edge IT workloads by 2026 to meet these demands.

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Benefits of the ztC Endurance Computing Platforms

Three models are available, including Model 3100, which is suitable for shop floor locations and smaller plants; Model 5100 for remote offices and medium-size plants; and Model 7100 for large data centers and expansive plants.

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Key features of the ztC Endurance family include:

  • Predictive Fault Tolerance—The Stratus Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange enables intelligent, predictive fault tolerance by identifying and addressing a range of potential failures before they impact operations.
  • Data Protection—99.99999% application system availability protects against data loss, during operation and in-flight. The platform also offers embedded hardware and software security features and supports third-party cybersecurity applications.
  • Simplified Manageability—With remote monitoring capabilities and interoperability with existing IT tools and systems, the open system design ensures ease of use for IT teams. Standard operating systems can be used without requiring modifications.
  • Seamless Serviceability—The fault-tolerant architecture of ztC Endurance incorporates redundant, modular components that can be hot-swapped by OT or IT personnel, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient operation.

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