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A backpack for electric cars


The Dock + Go, a concept car from Rinspeed in Switzerland, would give owners of electric cars a variety of options in using their vehicles. The concept car is based on an electric “for two” from Smart Car but could be made to work with other small electric vehicles as well. The concept centers on using various trailers that dock with the car when needed. These trailers could provide extra space for carrying cargo, making the “for two” a mini pickup truck. Or they could provide an extra seat or two, tool storage for a craftsman, a camping setup, heated or refrigerated space for delivering pizza or ice cream, or storage for skis and golf clubs. Trailers could also house a small combustion engine, batteries, or a fuel cell, giving the original electric car an extended range.

Rinspeed will release more details when the car is shown to the public at a the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

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