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Plugging In: How Ford’s Chief Nameplate Engineer Leads the Pickup Charge

Linda Zhang speaks to Machine Design about milestones she’s achieving on the road to Ford’s F-150 electrification project.
Randy Montoya
Principal investigator Ken Armijo

Armoring a Valve Against Molten Salt

The new valve could lead to solar plants running at higher temperatures and efficiencies.
The Mustang Mach-E

1,400-hp Mustang Shows What Electric Power Can Do

The all-electric Mustang Mach-E 1400 concept car carries seven motors and a liquid-cooled battery.
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Harsh Realities Challenge Batteries

Remote wireless devices need durable batteries that can take the heat (and the cold) for years.

A View from the Cockpit

Machine Design part of IndyCar racing sponsorship.
Catalytic converters have cleaned up much of the emissions created by cars, but they are exopensive3. A new approach could lower the that price.

Cutting the Cost of Catalytic Converters

Once researchers understood how catalysts age, they knew they could rearrange a few atoms to extend the life and lower the price of converters.
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Could 5G Be the Missing Puzzle Piece for Self-Driving Cars?

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, 5G took the spotlight as the next big technology paradigm shift. What does that mean for self-driving cars hitting the market in the...
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Windshield Wipers More Accurate than Weather Radar for Monitoring Rainfall

A fleet of cars equipped with cameras and networked sensors gather data on local rainfall.
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Engineering Jobs Are in Demand, But Who Will Fill Them?

STEM jobs are ripe for the taking as the skills gap continues to grow.