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Canadian Concept Car Chock-full of Connected Technology

Canadian Concept Car Chock-full of Connected Technology

The Connected Vehicle Working Group in Canada, established by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, crammed all the Canadian–built “connected-vehicle technology” it could find into a concept car, which started as a Lexus RX350. Here are some of the sensors and features that were added:

Sensors and safety

  • Alcolock L from Alcohol Countermeasures Systems prevents drivers under the influence of alcohol from starting the engine.
  • An early warning system from B.R.A.K.E.R.S. warns drivers when police, fire trucks, or ambulances are approaching.
  • Road condition and weather information from a Weather Telematics device beams traffic and weather updates to drivers and provides dynamic navigation based on those reports.
  • Smart optics from Magna International include a rearview mirror that alerts drivers to other vehicles on the road and lights under the outside rearview mirrors that illuminate the boarding areas.
  • Proximity sensors and cameras from MIS Electronics provide 360° views and warnings if anything is near the vehicle.

Vehicle connectivity and data analysis

  • Broadband connectivity from Rogers Communications includes full 4G/LTE and onboard Wi-Fi.
  • Drivesynch from Intelligent Mechatronics Systems uses modular telematics to deliver driver and vehicle data, along with analysis.
  • Helios induction charger from Legget & Platt Automotive charges wireless mobile devices in the vehicle.
  • Mobility Management System from Pravala Networks lets mobile and Wi-Fi networks offload and manage traffic data.

In-vehicle experience

  • Ambient lighting from TE Connectivity lets drivers customize the cabin illumination over a Local Interconnect Network.
  • GestureSense sensors from XYZ Interactive Technology give drivers control of many of the car’s features using physical hand motions.
  • CAR2 operating system from QNX Software Systems integrates several in-cabin subsystems, including the primary touchscreen on the console and the digital instrument cluster.
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