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A motorized one-wheel scooter that won't fall over

A motorized one-wheel scooter that won't fall over

A new one-wheeled motorcycle by Ryno Motors is ready to hit the market. It has a chance of creating competition with the Segway and other persontal transport vehicles.

RYNO Motors Prototype

If the sight of a Segway prompts a double-take, then the Ryno from Ryno Motors will surely take pedestrians and motorists by surprise. It has the look of a motorcycle, yet it’s more like a one-wheeled scooter. It’s electrically powered, weighs 125 lb, and moves at up to 20 mph. The range is 30 miles with 1.5 hours of power in its battery pack. The unicycle is gyroscopically balanced to stand upright. 

“Most people don’t trust that the bike is so solid—the way it balances—and I have to get them in front of the bike and jump on the handle bars to prove that the front of the bike is that solid,” says Ryno Motors CEO Chris Hoffman. The Ryno’s brakes are triggered by leaning backward; putting both feet down stops it completely. Ryno Motors looks to make a major announcement next month. The retail price is set at $4,500.  


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