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Rubber bushings reduce vibration in electric vehicle Evolution GmbH

Rubber bushings reduce vibration in electric vehicle

Jetflyer e-vehicle
A four-wheeled electric vehicle called JetFlyer, inspired by the design of a jet ski, is believed to be safer, and more comfortable than a two-wheeled scooter. E-volution Elektromobilitätskonzepte GmbH (Electromobility Concepts), an Austrian company, developed Jetflyer’s wheel mountings with German-made Continental AG MEGI rubber bushings. The bushings are bonded rubber-to-metal components that reduce the vehicle’s vibration. There are four bushing components acting as elastic joints, which are positioned between the axle and the wheels. The rubber bushings in the suspension can see 15 kN loads (1.5 tf). The maintenance-free noiseless bushings benefit the overall performance of Jetflyer. The e-vehicle is currently driven by Dubai’s traffic monitoring police force.

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