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World’s smallest car, or is it even a car?

Baja Auto

The RE6O from Baja Auto in India, could set a new benchmark for small, inexpensive cars. But the manufacturer, better known for motorcycles and motorized three-wheeled rickshaws, doesn’t even claim the RE60 is a car. They call it a motorized four-wheeler. Baja plans to sell the RE60 as for-hire vehicles, similar to the three-wheeled rickshaws common in India and Asian countries. The $2,200 “car” is powered by a one-cylinder 200-cc engine and would have a top speed of 43 mph. Fuel economy, the RE60’s strong suit, is 82 mpg.

When several rickshaw drivers in New Delhi were asked if they would make the switch, they said the doors and hardtop would be a plus in the cold winters, but would make rides too hot in the scorching New Delhi summers.

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