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Machine Design is dedicated to keeping engineers informed of the latest advancements in the design engineering community. We have partnered with the following sponsors to bring you a one-stop resource center where you can access product information guides, view educational videos and review other technical information.

Wittenstein in Motion Media Center
Register once to gain access to the latest information on motion control from Wittenstein. Download valuable resource documents and view instructional video on topics such as: 

  • Motion Control Components for High Speed Applications
  • Instructional Rack Mounting
  • Energy Efficiency in Gearboxes and Motion Control

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National Instruments Mechatronics Resource Center
Anytime access to the latest technical information for machine design applications using a Mechatronics approach to help lower costs, reduce risk and produce higher-quality products.  Download valuable technical resources such as:

  • Mechatronics Resources Kit
  • Robotics Resources Kit
  • Motion Control Resources Kit

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Avago Technologies Resource Center
A one-stop resource center where you can access product information, view educational videos and review other technical information related to the following:

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Fiber Optics in Solar Energy Applications
  • Powering the Next Generation of High Performance Optics

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