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Iron casting in metallurgy

Selecting the Right Cast Iron

Cast irons include many metals having a wide variety of properties.
Gears concept

Shaft Keys 101

A simple mechanical part can reduce manufacturing costs and machine downtime.
Rittal Enclosures

Keeping Enclosures Cool

If temperatures get too high inside enclosures, electronics can fail prematurely.
Nuts and bolts

A Glossary of Finishes and Platings for Fasteners

To prevent corrosion on fasteners, and to improve their looks, they are often coated or plated. Here’s a quick look at some of those coatings and platings.
Stanislau V/Dreamstime
Timing belt with rollers on background

The Benefits of Timing Belts, Even When Synchronization Isn’t an Issue

They offer strength, durability and—of course—the ability to synchronize the motion between rotating shafts.

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