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Power Supply, Battery Charger Combo

Power Supply, Battery Charger Combo

The TMPC-650U, 650-W ATX power supply comes with a built-in 24-V battery charger and is approved for medical use. A single 24-V or two 12-V lead-acid batteries in series can be connected to be serve as an interruptible power source without affecting the overall maximum output power.

 The unit comes with dc voltage outputs and maximum loads of 3.3 V/24 A, 5 V/24 A, quadruple 12 V/16 A, –12 V/0.5 A, and 5 Vsb/3 A for standby purposes. A standard output cableset includes a 24-pin ATX motherboard, PCI-E, four-pin Molex, and SATA power connectors. The power supply’s earth leakage current is 300-µA maximum @ 264 Vac, 63 Hz.

Additional features include a 90 to 264-Vac universal input with active PFC, which can alternatively operate at 24-Vdc input; a USB 2.0 interface for communication between the power supply and the backup battery via a power-management program; overvoltage and overcurrent protection on all outputs; low ripple and noise; and 0 to 70ºC operating temperature with no derating required below 40ºC.

TRUMPower, 3350 Scott Blvd., Building 13, Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 988-6616

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