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Why Don’t Engineering Tests Track Gender or Ethnicity?

There’s a lot of talk about getting more women and minorities in STEM careers. So why doesn't the Professional Engineer (PE) exam gather test-performance data about men, women...
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Bottlenecks Keeping Manufacturing And Supply Chains from Going Digital

I know that the faster we get supply chains and full-value chains to go digital, the quicker we can cut a ton of inefficiencies that aren't just costly, but are also harmful to...
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Internet of Things Versus Women’s Intuition

Could Industry 4.0 be based on Women’s Intuition?
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Could Two Days Change the Course of Women’s History?

Women's empowerment -- what do you think? Too much, too little, or just enough?
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Manufacturing Hype Words Call for New Events

The manufacturing world has enough acronyms to make your head spin. So when marketing phrases come around they are usually squashed or clumped in with universal concepts like ...
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Non-Renewable Events Heat Up April

Two energy events this April will cover non-renewables. But is every non-renewable turning into a renewable?
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Strategy Summit Showcases Females in Manufacturing

What does strategy, manufacturing, and a woman's perspective have in common?
Siemens puts out a call for the best application or business plan for a new piezohydraulic actuator design.

New Business Challenge: Piezohydraulic Actuator

Siemens puts out a call for the best application or business plan for a new piezohydraulic actuator design.
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Events for the Cross-Industry Engineer

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 6-9, 2015 / Las Vegas, NV