The 64 mpg car

Want to show up Prius owners when they talk about the 48 mpg they get? Just procure an engine made by Transonic Combustion. The firm claims its new fuel injection system will hit that metric.

Though some of the details are a bit sketchy, Transonic's idea sounds a lot like a diesel. There's no spark plug and fuel enters the combustion chamber preheated and under high pressure in what's being called a super-critical state. The gasoline is also treated with a catalyst.

Transonic says it aims to have this setup in production cars by 2014. The company lists recent news coverage on its Web site, and judging by the links, it is getting attention from people who can distinguish a scam from something real. So Transonic looks like it is on the up-and-up based on who seems to be watching it. And if you are attending the SAE show in Detroit next month, Transonic will be on a panel there.

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