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Driving Change Through Electrification Innovation

The chief nameplate engineer discusses her role in Ford’s electrification project.

Eaton’s UM 15 Mobile Filter Unit for Hydraulic Systems

The compact and portable offline filtration solution is made to improve the lifespan and reliability of hydraulic systems with high-performance filtration capabilities.

Advancing High-Temperature 3D Printing with igus iglide i230

This powder printing material is designed to withstand temperatures up to 110°C and protect against static discharge.
READY Robotics

Ready Robotics Reinvents Robotic Palletizing from Specification to Operation and Maintenance

Custom palletizers feature fast setup, low learning curve, ease of use and maximum efficiency and flexibility.
Digitalizing Quality Control in Manufacturing

Distributed Motor Control: Design Uptime into Component Setup

From the Alaska Airlines incident to quality control in factories to integrating safety to AI and ML, Bryan Bauw, COO at Pico MES, offers his insights about how to improve safety...


Annual Salary Survey eBook from Machine Design

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Pack Expo 2023: The Intersection of Supply Chain, Robotics and AI

Download this e-book to discover how technology and new strategies are shaping the future of the packaging industry.
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DIY or Collaborate? Navigating the Path to Optimal Linear Actuator Guidance

Stepper motor linear actuators provide thrust along a linear axis but cannot tolerate side loading. Supplemental guidance is needed to protect against external forces impacting...

AutomationDirect Offers Lutze Superflex Control Cable

Designed for industrial applications, Lutze Superflex control cable is suitable for flexing in short to medium drag chains.
TR Fastenings

How the Lighting Cluster Emerged as the Sustainable Fastener Solution

The author makes the case that “Right to Repair” regulation is influencing designers’ considerations to return to fasteners rather than welding products, or having fixings that...
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Elevating Precision Manufacturing with CNC Micromachining

Micromachining is used to design and create small, delicate parts, especially in the electronics and medical device industries. The author lays out the main benefits and the best...