BOMs ... BORs?

Day Two of PTC event. Improved support for top-down methodology: Info from ProductPoint and other stuff can be stuffed into Pro/E, and then worry about the component's fitting, etc. Windchill Web 2 look for Windchill -- clean and crisp. More AJAX and DHTML widgets. Create requirements as objects in Winchill, organize into structures as a Bill of Requirements. Then tie that in to system requirements. Generate traceability matrices. Manage changes to requirements. Requirements are thus tied into the same system, Windchill 9.1 (mid-09).

New ideas in conceptural engineering -- the layout of the product. Can't get to the next level of problem solving in 2D. Customers want the flexibilty and speed of 2D that morphs into 3D. This is for Wildfire 6. Windchill MPMLink to manage manufacturing resources. The factory itself is the product.

From paper docs to product information delivery: Evolution of Arbortext (in 2010). Paper documents.....Electronic documents........Product information delivery: user manuals; complaince reports; training; service contracts; spare parts catalogs, illustrated and electronic.

To come in the future: Innovation management in Windchill and crowd sourcing (mass collaboration) capbailities supported by Web 2.0 technologies to achieve business goals.

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