The end of blogging burnout

Perhaps some of you dedicated readers have noticed that I took a long break from blogging. Chalk it up to a rather bad case of blogging burnout. Don't get me wrong – usually, I love blogging. You can write less formally, outside of normal strict editorial guidelines. And blogging gives you a way to discuss cool stuff that can't fit into print publications. A few new things though, now make me want to start again:

First, it's likely I am soon to visit China. So look for future items that will be "live from the floor" of the China International Medical Equipment Fair, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre 18 – 21 April 2008.

And second: Machine Design now has a presence in Second Life. Those of you who read this blog know that I am fascinated with virtual realities such as this. We envision our little plot as an educational area, one in which you can come and meet the editors, watch a video on some aspect of technology, or even mingle with like-minded folk. So also look for more items on virtual reality. My name in Second Life is Pez Balut. Here is the address for those already members of the site: 179.7.145

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