The good old days of home computing? Not.

I friend sent me this CNET link and commentary today:

Ahh, seeing this warmed the cockles of mine heart on this fine Friday.

It also reminded me of the total possession obsession I had for the Atari 800 that was never to be satisfied. (A quick trip to eBay shows them selling for $50 - which seems about $40 too high.)

Instead, I had temporary custody of a Commodore-64, which quickly drove me mad. (Say, how come the C-64 and VIC-20 aren't in this collection? Not to mention Cromemco!)

Those were not the days of home computing.


Boy, I'll say. My first experience with microprocessors was with a 4004. I found the whole thing frustrating and time consuming. As home computers came out, I could not for the life of me figure out why anyone would invest the copius amounts of time needed to get those old machines to do anything remotely interesting.

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