A gripe about interoperability

You always hear about interoperability problems in CAD. Well, I have a gripe about interoperability issues with everyday software. If like me, you travel a lot on business, you probably find it sometimes hard to keep up with your work at the office. What to do? You might occasionally take home work on nights or weekends to catch up. That's what I oh-so blithely did this weekend, thinking I was so smart.

I had forgotten that we recently moved to Windows Vista at work. My home and laptop have Windows XP Professional. Guess what. Word documents in the new format (DOCX) WILL NOT OPEN ON MY HOME OR LAPTOP COMPUTERS, which, of course, only understand the DOC format. I am so upset! This means instead of being able to cut-and-paste, and thus save a lot of time, I have to RETYPE THE WHOLD G__D_____ DOCUMENT, all five pages of it.

*$#%&*(#%%^$#% :( :( :(

No wonder so many people dislike Microsoft.

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