How to create "Industrial athletes of the future"

Long-time readers of Machine Design will recall several of our editorials about the lack of training facilities for industrial workers. (One in particular that seemed to resonate with readers can be found here:

So we are heartened to see that another institution devoted to industrial training is getting into the headlines. The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) is a training, assessment and certification system focused on production and supply chain logistics workers. Recently Illinois State Senator Dan Cronin visited gearmotor manufacturer Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. to explore Bison's successful implementation of the MSSC Program for his cable television series, "Illinois Education."

The 25 minute "Illinois Education" video can be viewed at the website, along with two related short videos entitled, "Implementing the MSSC creates a better skilled workforce at Bison" and "Employees benefit at Bison with the MSSC program."

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