Interesting statistics about CAD companies using HiB visa holders

This interesting tid bit comes courtesy of Ralph Grabowski's upFront.eZine newsletter. You can have a new hobby by checking out how many H1B visas are hosted by companies that interest you.


Clemson University records the number of H1B visa-holders in the USA. H1B allows US companies to employ foreign workers for 3 or 6 years in occupations that require a minimum of a bachelor's degree. (Canadians can work in the USA under similar conditions through the TC1 visa program.)

For the CAD companies I checked, the number of H1B employees in 2007 were:

Company No. Average salary

------------ ---- ------------------------

Autodesk 75 $76,690

Bentley 31 $68,189

IronCAD 2 $66,500

Nemetschek NA 2 $74,646

PTC 106 $77,411

SolidWorks 14 $81,956

UGS Corp 74 $77,851


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