Inventors: Try DIY manufacturing?

Fab Labs (short for fabrication laboratories) around the globe provide resources including PCs for designing objects and digitally fabricating them with tabletop CNCs, laser cutters, commercial 3D printers, routers, and the like, at low or no cost. The tools let everyone from hobbyists to inventors and entrepreneurs take advantage of design and manufacturing tools previously only available to engineers at large companies.

Machine Design is working closely with those involved in the movement to better help engineers and marketers around the world take advantage of any “fab” opportunities! A group of enthusiasts began events in 2006 to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset. The events have grown and are now showcased all over the world. I am currently at the Mini Maker Faire in Kansas City and will probably cover the larger Maker Faire held at the end of July in Detroit.

The magazine's Inventor's Corner section will feature one or two of the best “engineering type” designs showcased at each Faire. The section gives “midnight engineers” a wide exposure that has helped several successfully get their concepts into the marketplace.______________________________________________

More information on the "fab" movement:

    Rapid prototyping for the masses

    Rapid prototyping on the cheap

    Fab it now!



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