The iPhone tracks where you go

In response to my review The iPhone: Make calls, share designs, network, and more a reader wrote in to say, "And how much do you appreciate this previously undisclosed 'feature'?" Under his question is a link to an article, The iPhone has been tracking where you go.

That we are being tracked was no surprise to me. I just heard the Android also tracks where you go. There are cameras taking your picture everywhere, when you use an ATM, for example, or walk by certain street corners. What about GM's famous On Star system? It knows exactly where you go when you are driving your car. And there are special readers that have no problem scanning your credit card (while it is in your wallet), as you are passing by. And what about the RFID readers that let you go through toll booths without tossing in a coin? The list goes on and on. It would be very difficult to drop off of the Big Brother grid in which we are all currently emeshed.

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