Live from the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit, Mesa, Arizona

I am in a packed airplane 35,000 feet up and headed to Mesa, Arizona for the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit taking place there November 9 to 12. The plane comes complete with a squalling baby, a guy next to me whose rolls of fat intrude into my seat area, and a stewardess whose big butt just has to hit you every time she walks by. But I don't care. The conference looks to be completely fascinating. Hosted by Elysium Inc. of interoperability software fame, the conference features presenters from IBM, Gulfstream, Boeing, and Northrup Grummam, among others. Topics include the following: "Integration of data from different PDMs into the 787 program," "Cloud computing: Promises, patterns, and pitfalls," "Sharing experience on applying SOA for a Boeing enterprise level data service," and "Ontology based technology for development of software tools for STEP data processing." I feel like a kid in a candy store! Where to start??!! (The cherry on top: The event is taking place at an upscale golf resort. I have never played golf, but I'm sure the ambience will be great.) Stay tuned for more tomorrow...

Tuesday:...The main conference begins at 1 pm, so I had a chance to check-out the surroundings. Earlier this morning, plently of people living in or near the resort were out on the green, chipping shots, or zooming around like mad on their golf carts. It's only about 10 am now, but everyone has moved indoors or onto patios as the Arizona heat starts to climb.

Attendees are working on a patio at the resort.

The local fauna includes beautiful flowers as well as cactus and other stuff you normally associate with a desert.

Stay tuned for more to come....

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