Machine Design at Maker Faire 2011

Machine Design is hosting a booth at the Detroit Maker Faire 2011. We are here to showcase our Inventor's Corner section of the magazine, a no-cost service to anyone who wants to submit their engineered and patentable design for publication (and exposure to our audience of about 135,000 design engineers in North America). Many of the inventors -- we call them "Midnight Engineers" because they create their gizmos on their own time -- have become very successful after their story is published.

Another reason we are at the event: We have covered do-it-yourself manufacturing trends for several years now. “Makers” are individuals who make or manufacture stuff themselves, outside of the realm of traditional product development. Things I've seen so far at the event that fall under “engineering” range from sophisticated engines to various kinds of robots, rockets, and an open-source CNC machine. These items are mixed in with crafts such as weavings and furniture. The setting is really nifty — The Henry Ford Museum which houses are all kinds of cool artifacts from the past such as the limo that Regan rode in to the old wiener-shaped vehicles for hot dogs to-go. DIY manufacturing has got to be hot; I estimate there are probably 10,000 attendees at the show.

An interesting fashion statement going on at the Faire: men in skirts!

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