Master of the Digital Universe Contest

Skooba Design, which provides such products as "checkpoint friendly" laptop carriers, is holding a nifty contest:

According to the contest site, "We are on the hunt for the Master of the Digital Universe, the gadget freak to end all gadget freaks. The Master might have the most gadgets, or the coolest gadgets, or both. The Master might rack up 200,000 frequent flier miles a year and do business in 25 countries, while traveling with an extraordinary tech arsenal. The Master might have drawers and closets full of more retired gadgets than anyone else. The Master might have all of the above.

If you think you deserve to be named Master of the Digital Universe, we want to hear from you. We want your story. It's not necessarily just about a laundry list of all the stuff you own (although if that's what you want to send, that'sOK too). It's about the big picture. This is a subjective contest, to be judged by the product designers, marketing, and management team at Skooba Design. So if you think you've got a story, sell it. Tell us what you've got, what you carry, how you travel, how you use your tech, why you're always two steps ahead of every technology development, whatever it may be. The better the picture you paint, with words, images or video, the better wecan judge your story.

Go for it!

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