MSC Software: Full vehicle CAE?

I am attending MSC Software's International Ground Vehicle Symposium, being held in Dearborn Mich., near the Ford campus. MSC Software's products have been used for many years in the automotive and aerospace industries. The company is probably best known for helping to develop NASTRAN. It has been used in such applications as assessing torsional modes on the Chevy Vega in 1972 to helping to simulate the recent landing of Curiousity on Mars (ADAMS). MSC products are also well known in the full CAE simulation of vehicles -- the topic of this seminar. So we are to hear topics ranging from simulating and optimizing composite structures in aerospace to loads analysis in automotive. Speakers are from MSC as well as Toyota, Fiat, and BMW, among others.

Here is a what the 49-year old company's products do among other things: multibody dynamics, multi domain simulation, fatigue analysis, linear and non linear analysis, explicit solvers, post processing, multidiscipinary simulation, crash analysis, full vehicle CAE simulation ...

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