New forum on materials, bonding

Working with flexible materials can give design and manufacturing engineers a headache for several reasons. A material might exhibit nonlinear behavior; there are thousands of different kinds of materials; and designers don't always know how to bond a material to a substrate or how to convert bulk materials into usable products. You can now get help on the new Fabrico Forum at Fabrico Forum.

Fabrico has been working with flexible materials and adhesives since 1975, providing design, engineering, and manufacturing services related to power generation, electrical, medical device, automotive, and alternative energy.

The Fabrico Forum presents topics of interest to design engineers looking for information on materials and adhesives. The forum lets engineers share knowledge and solicit information from Fabrico and its suppliers, including 3M, Loctite, Adhesives Research, DuPont, and others.

The Forum also provides a focal point for peer discussion on topics of interest to manufacturers that face challenges involving flexible materials and adhesives in their designs. For instance, current topics include: Costs of structural adhesives; medical-grade adhesives in “stick-to-skin” applications; and the bonding of materials to low-surface-energy (LSE) plastics.

Participants are free to express opinions, ask questions, and connect with colleagues working in the same product areas. Forum visitors can also suggest future discussion topics.

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