NVIDIA to provide a cloud-based GPU

NVIDIA says its new cloud-based NVIDIA VGX K2 GPU lets engineers and design professionals work anywhere on almost any device and still have access to the computing and graphics performance of a GPU-powered workstation. Built on the NVIDIA Kepler GPU architecture, VGX K2 adds workstation capabilities to the NVIDIA VGX platform.

The NVIDIA VGX platform uses the GPU to let enterprises efficiently deliver virtualized workstation performance and capabilities including rich multimedia and 3D graphics to users of smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Its VGX K2 board, which includes two workstation-class GPUs, helps enterprises increase the numbers of users without sacrificing performance or application compatibility.

Other benefits of NVIDIA VGX K2 include:

  • Faster interactivity. With 4 GByte of graphics memory per GPU, VGX K2 ensures that graphics-intensive design and content-creation applications run with ease.
  • Low-latency remote display. Patent-pending remote display technology minimizes the lag traditionally associated with virtual desktop computing.
  • Data center power efficiency. Using SMX, an advanced streaming multiprocessor, VGX K2 provides enterprise data centers high performance per watt.

The VGX platform was developed to bring rich, interactive graphics to all enterprise virtual desktop users, says Jeff Brown, general manager of the Professional Solutions Group at NVIDIA. With VGX K2 in the data center, designers and engineers who create the core intellectual property for their companies can now access their IP from any device and still leverage workstation-class performance.

The NVIDIA VGX K2 platform for virtual workstations is expected to be available from server OEMs starting in early 2013. More information is available at www.nvidia.com/vgx

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