Quit crying about manufacturing's demise

In response to Ailing factory towns face tougher road to recovery, Kitt S writes on Yahoo Buzz:

"One question. Where was/is the union in all this, the union is one reason why companies keep moving, when will the laborers ever learn??

Second, I tried to open a factories / warehouse / distribution center , employing a few hundred and in the mid/long term plan a few thousand workers, paying entree level pay of 17.50 an hr plus generous benefits, and though we have won awards for our product and have much international interest in using/procuring our product, there has not been ONE community that has wanted us to locate in their state. State officials like us but wont help. We may be forced to go overseas. We are non-toxic and totally green, But no one wants to help us locate and create jobs…they just want to cry about it."

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