See the movie, buy the car

It looks as though a new movie called JINN, billed as a tension-filled supernatural thriller, may soon come to U.S. theaters, thanks to a distribution agreement between an outfit called Freestyle Releasing and the makers of the film, Exxodus Pictures.

This wouldn't be big news for an engineering audience but for a vehicle used in the film, known as the Firebreather. It is said to be the first vehicle in motion picture history available to the public for purchase. It is basically a V8, 618-hp Camaro with 50 limited edition cars (built by Classic Design Concepts in Detroit) produced as the exact replica of the vehicle in the film. Exxodus says several copies of the car have already been sold.

The Firebreather has actually been out for a couple of years. Its body is completely redone with new front and rear fascias, hood, grill and graphics. Also included is an Eibach Pro-Plus Performance Handling Package -- basically, coil springs and anti-roll bars that lower the Camaro's CG and reduce body roll. Finally, the Firebreather sports new wheels and Pirelli tires. List price for one of these limited edition muscle cars is said to be in the $60,000 range.

Here is some info on the Firebreather:

According to the creators, the JINN story involves ancient mythological creatures and revolves around creation mythology: In the beginning, three were created; man made of clay; angels made of light; and a third...made of fire. They are powerful due to their existence in a parallel world, and also because they have free will and can be both good and evil.

Yeah, well, whatever. Who knows if the movie is any good, but the car looks pretty cool.

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