A sixth-sense necklace makes the world your computer

The SixthSense wearable device from the M.I.T. Media Lab makes the world around you your computer. The necklace-like prototype comprises a pocket projector, mirror, camera, and hardware components. The projector and the camera are connected to a mobile computing device in your pocket. The projector projects visual information that turns surfaces, walls, and physical objects around you into an �interface,� while the camera recognizes and tracks your hand gestures. The device processes the video and translates your hand gestures into �interaction instructions� for the projected interface.

For example, a map application lets you navigate a map displayed on a nearby surface. You can zoom in, zoom out, or pan using intuitive hand movements. A drawing application lets you �draw� on any surface by tracking the movements of your index finger. You can even take pictures using your fingers to create a �frame� that activates the camera. Drawing an @ symbol in the air lets you check your email. Looking at a newspaper can make it show live video news. The gesture of drawing a circle on your wrist projects an analog watch.

Watch a video of the device in action

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