Video blog: SolidWorks World & 3D printing

There are several 3D printing companies showcasing their new technologies at SolidWorks World 2011 (SWW11), currently being held in San Antonio, Texas. They include Roland DGA, Stratasys, Solidio, Objet Geometries, and Z Corp. President of Objet Frank Marangell describes how the technology of the company's machines works:

He goes on to showcase the company's new desktop 3D printer. It costs a lot less than the large machines, which print two materials at once, but is office friendly and sports a small footprint:

And more:

Vice President of Product Management at Z Corporation, Joe Titlow explains a relatively new technology for the company. Unlike its other lines of powder-based 3D printers, the ZBuilder Ultra is said to build durable plastic parts that replicate the accuracy and material property of injection molded parts. The machines use a high-resolution digital light processor (DLP) projector to solidify a liquid photopolymer:

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