On the way to Autodesk Univ., Las Vegas

This trip to Autodesk Univ. is partially an experiment in mobility -- I will be blogging, twittering, and Facebooking using my new toy -- an iPhone 3G S. The phone itself is quite intuitive and easy to use. Unfortuneatly, our blog-writing utility is not conversant with these new kinds of technology. For example, just rotating the phone puts the screen in landscape mode. This makes it really easy to type with the virtual keyboard by making the interface larger. Our blog mechanism won't allow the landscape mode, so -- ironies upon ironies -- I am actually forced to use the old "hunt and peck" typing method!

The lines at the airport were horrendous due to the Big Bird Holiday. Luckily,airport security quickly added checkers when the line started snaking through the terminal and down the main hall. Not that bad overall.

Another annoyance about our blog-authoring tool: You have to compose longer items in the Notes application, then Cut and Paste. The scroll bars that let you write longer items don't show up on this mobile device.

More to come shortly...

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