Why does the U.S. lack skilled workers?

Why do manufacturing companies constantly complain they can't find skilled workers, especially among the younger crowd? With everyone worrying about this country going down the tubes in manufacturing, there have been many attempts to address the issue. For example, a recent AME article discusses reshoring and the need to create skilled workers.

A friend of mine is a science teacher in a "Tech Program" at a community college in a nearby state. The program lets supposedly advanced students who are still in high school take college classes to get a jump start on their careers. He says a big reason the U.S. lacks skilled younger workers is that kids nowadays can get through school without even knowing, for instance, how to manipulate equations. Many of the U.S.'s problems started with the "No Student Left Behind" program, he says. Basically, the program dumbs down a whole physics class (or whatever) to the least common denominator. These kids aren't really even cut out for technical careers or college. Meanwhile, the future engineers and entrepreneurs lose interest in school.

Another problem: Kids today are coddled. Kids are clever enough to manipulate the school setup, which bends over backwards to placate those who are getting an "F" because they were too busy talking on their cell phones during class. Teachers don't have much recourse because the administrative authorities don't enforce rules.

How about we help students who are suffering and trying and want to make something out of their lives?

What do you think? Send me your ideas, and I might print them here.

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