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The Challenge of 3D Printing Medical Devices

Find out what medical materials are, and how 3D printing could accelerate the medical device market.
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When Electric Vehicles Take Over

Are supply chains, materials, and drivability of EVs helping or hurting?
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New Seals Reduce Friction for Electric Vehicle Adoption

Increasing electric vehicles driving range is more than just a matter of batteries and motors.
Students working on a continuing education program.

Apprenticeships: A Bridge to Solve the Skills Gap

This article tackles the issue of skills gap in manufacturing sector. It exposes the causes and it highlights the potential of apprenticeships as a possible solution.
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How IoT is Transforming Supply Chain Management

As shipping times shrink, the supply chain becomes more important than ever.
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How to Digitally Transform your Factory

You don’t have to wait for 5G to get connected.
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Autonomous Cars: Safety Opportunity or Cybersecurity Threat?

Self-driving cars could prevent deaths and increase lower-income mobility, but might also give hackers a new playground.
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The Emerging Role of the Product Designer

Hardware designers have become the Jacks-and-Jills-of-all-trades, with 61% saying they are often doing work outside of their core job responsibilities.
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Michigan Prepares Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Jobs

Michigan is proactively investing in its skilled workforce today to compete for the jobs of the future.