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Backlight LED drivers

The second-generation ALD6 Series of multioutput dc-dc backlight LED drivers are designed for LCDs that are moving from cold-cathodeflorescent (CC FL) backlighting to LEDs.

Each device can be used to backlight LEDs arranged in one, two, three, or sixstring configurations. The drivers have wide-range dimming controls with resistive, analog, or PWM inputs that provide smooth LED brightness transitions. The ALD6 has six outputs, each of which provides up to 50 mA of constant-current drive to strings of LEDs connected in series and/or parallel configurations for backlighting LCD displays. For a singlestring LED configuration, the combined output current jumps to 300 mA.

The ALD6 drivers operate with an input voltage of from 10.8 to 13.2 Vdc and provide an output voltage of 25 V to 38 Vdc.

Additional features include a remote on/off input, and an LED open alarm that changes state if the drive current to any powered LED-string develops an open circuit. These convection-cooled drivers operate in temperatures from –30 to 80°C.

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