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Machine Design

Direct modeler includes NC machining and sheet-metal manufacturing

SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+, a 3D direct modeler, lets users create and edit CAD data without the complexity traditionally associated with complicated, expensive CAD. The developer worked closely with machine tool manufacturer Trumpf to add capabilities in the software including NC machining, jig and fixture design, mold manufacturing, and sheet-metal manufacturing. New features include: modeling improvements such as fill patterns, a standardized hole wizard, clipping regions, and STL curve fitting; extended CAE, CAM, and IP-protection model-preparation tools for volume extraction, missing-face detection, and face merging; sheet-metal capabilities including double-wall support, tabs, hinges, gussets, curve wrapping, and marking; documentation features such as hole tables, bolt hole circles, offset cross sections, datum targets, and multi-model drawings; and interoperability that supports JT PMI, 2D PDF, archival creation, AutoRecover, and solid STL. SpaceClaim Corp., 150 Baker Ave., Concord, Mass. 01742, (978) 482-2100,

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