Securing Work in Mechatronics Engineering

April 12, 2024
Dr. Parminder Jassal, founder of the skills-to-jobs marketplace Unmudl, offers pointers on securing jobs in mechatronics.

Technology shifts have a direct bearing on robotics and engineering job market trends, according to Dr. Parminder Jassal, founder of Unmudl, a skills-to-jobs marketplace that focuses on mechatronics.

Jassal characterized mechatronics engineering as a multi-disciplinary discipline that is “a mix between mechanical skills, electrical skills, electronics, all meshed together into one area, and that feeds the robotics and the automation talent pipelines that are so incredibly important to the future of our economy.

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Unmudl conducted a five-question survey in February 2024. What follows below are a few learnings that emerged from the survey, according to Jassal. 

  • Unemployed jobseekers reveal doubts about the job market.

“[The survey] showed that about 42% of the unemployed jobseekers have been searching for a job for six months or longer, and over half of them are really doubtful about securing a job in this job market,” Jassal said. “Our response, along with some of the other things, is just learning that about 50% of unemployed job seekers have only submitted up to 10 applications.”

  • Jobseekers are weak at customizing cover letters.

Related to the number of applications submitted is the fact that jobseekers fail to customize their applications.  This deficit may be attributed to the automation behind application systems, she said. “It seemed like there was just under a third that would even customize their job cover letters or resumes or even add anything,” commented Jassal.

  • Jobseekers need to submit multiple applications, given current market conditions. 

“There’s a bit of a disconnect in the economy right now,” said Jassal. Employers themselves are slower in hiring because of the fear of inflation and other things. Putting out 10 applications, as we learned, is just not enough, especially 10 generic applications. That doesn't work.” 

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Jassal advised that companies want to know and understand how jobseekers plan to use their skill set, and how that skill set is going to benefit the company. “A quick paragraph or a cover letter shows that you actually took the time and read the job description and are applying based on that job description,” she noted.  

  • Jobseekers flagged a lack of skills as a major factor holding them back.

Jassal’s research team was stunned that about 50% of survey respondents agreed with lack of skills being the major factor holding them back from meaningful employment.

Related to this is trying to understand what skill sets they actually need to be able to respond appropriately to the job application. She advised that acquiring those skill sets is high priority, but it should not hold jobseekers back. “Having an understanding of what jobs are available out there is key as you go and make your applications.”

  • Jobseekers should take the steps to acquire the skills they need.

Many job seekers are unable to make a direct connection from skills to jobs. Jassal said that Unmudl offers certification courses (Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace) that help jobseekers build and align their skill sets with the job application criteria that employers are hiring for.

“I think that’s a missing piece out there, of folks not being able to make that direct current connection from skills to jobs,” she said. “That connection must be made for their application to be successful. It’s probably my number one recommendation.”

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