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Connectors simplify circuit-board production

Connectors simplify circuit-board production

The Han-Fast Lock circuit-board connector from Harting North America, Elgin, Ill., makes it possible for technicians to join Han connectors to circuit boards without adding components or soldering. This means PCB manufacturers can connect up to 60 A of power to a board quickly while making the best use of board space and lowering production costs.

To use it, a PCB with a contact pad has a drilled through-hole with a plated inner surface. A Han-Fast Lock gets inserted into the contact hole, and pushing in a pin locks the connector into position. It takes only one contact point to make a good connection. The contact can also be easily detached, simplifying maintenance. The new connectors support SMD assembly of the PCB.

The connector can be supplied with preconnected wires, allowing for pretested systems with a circuit-board connector. The connectors work with wires as large as 7 AWG — 10 mm2.

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