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High-Efficiency Transformer Promoted for Sub-Licensing Contract

High-Efficiency Transformer Promoted for Sub-Licensing Contract

After recently taking ownership of the worldwide license and marketing rights for PowerWinding E Transformers, InventionShare  is now looking to offer an exclusive license with sub-licensing rights to a single partner. It’s also offering sub-licenses to non-competing transformer manufacturers in vertical and geographical markets. The transformers are claimed to achieve high energy efficiency for high- and low-power applications while using fewer materials than standard transformers, thus lowering manufacturing costs.

Bench tests show a 35% decrease in iron-core and winding materials to get the same output as standard transformers in the same application. Due to a shorter winding length for the same output, the transformers feature increased capacity and reduce losses. Yuanxun Evan Wang, UCLA Professor of Engineering, obtained the same result in a Maxwell software simulation: Efficiency vs. input voltage increased by 5.74%, and the output-power-to-input-voltage average ratio surpasses that of standard transformers by 63.7%.

The design dissipates less energy to heat, suiting it for the micro-transformer market. InventionShare and the two inventors of the design will continue research to bring the design into the grid transformer market.

Patent and test results are available to interested parties by contacting Kensel J. Tracy, V. P. Invention Catalyst.

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