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MEMS Accelerometers Ideal for Low Current Applications

MEMS Accelerometers Ideal for Low Current Applications

Silicon Designs introduced the Model 1410, a family of digital pulse density output MEMS variable capacitive (VC) accelerometers. Designed to measure vibration and acceleration with low power consumption and high long-term bias stability, they are ideal for low current applications consuming only 2 mA with 5 V excitation. The Model 1410 uses a clock frequency between 100 KHz and 1.0 MHz and produces a pulse density output relative to acceleration. Frequency response is from 0 to 400 Hz (±2 g) up to 0 to 2000 Hz (±200 g) at fixed intervals according to the selected g range, successfully responding to dc and dynamic acceleration. It can withstand mechanical shock inputs up to 5000g and features constant nitrogen damping over its full operating temperature range (-55° to +125°C). Typical applications include automotive airbags, active suspension, adaptive breaks, security systems, vibration measurement and analysis, and machinery control.

Silicon Designs, 13905 NE 128th St., Kirkland, WA 98034, (425) 391-8329

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