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LEDs in a Light Bulb

Marktech LED Lighting products,

Grote Industries,

The EnergyLED light bulb uses just 4.6 W to generate 160 lumens of light. This E26-based, ULapproved family of LED bulbs currently comes in three white color temperatures: 2,800-k warm white, 5,200-k full spectrum white, and 6,000-k cool white. Colored bulbs include red, green, blue, and yellow. The manufacturer, Marktech LED Lighting Products, Latham, N.Y., says the bulbs are engineered to last 50,000 hr and will typically pay for themselves in one to two years. The lights generate little heat and emit no UV rays which make them well suited for use in museums. They also stand up well to vibration.

Edited by Leland Teschler

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